1. A Review of Environmental Impact Assessment in Nigeria as Compared to Selected Standards from Countries and Agencies. A Research Report.
  2. Oil spills in the Niger Delta: Reflections and concerns on JIV and community interests. NACGOND JIV POLICY BRIEF.
  3. GIS based assessment of the impacts of gas flaring: A case of Delta State, South-South, Nigeria. Nigerian Association Of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) International Conference.
  4. Determining the geographic effect of gas flaring using multi-SAR Azimuth Processing. The 2nd International Conference on Advances in Computational Tools for Engineering Applications.
  5. Antibacterial Effect of Crab Shell Extract on Klebsiella  pneumoniae and Proteus mirabilis :
  6. A GIS Based Assessment of Gas Flaring Impacts on Vegetation Cover in Delta State and Its Corresponding Socio Economic Impacts:;jsessionid=1rou19n3chdr9.z-gse-live-01

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